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Old 04-12-2013
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Default Littlest Pet Shop Pranks

At Littlest Pet Shop, Pepper, a jokster female skunk, was setting up a prank she thought was harmless

she was particularly proud of this prank.

She had set up a tripwire that would cause a release of her stink from a perfume bottle right onto the person who tripped it

Pepper hears Blythe coming.

"Uh oh" said Pepper and tried to stall Blythe "Hi Blythe, what ya doing"

"Just walking through." Blythe said.

"Oh, alright, so, see anything interesting" she asked

"Why do you ask?" Blythe asks.

"Just curious" said Pepper

Blythe then sets off the trip wire.

Pepper gulps and hides as Blythe is hit by the smelly perfume

But Blythe recovers and catches her.

"Ehehe, so ,how did you like what I did?" she asked chuckling nervously

"Not at all." Blythe said.

Pepper gulps "Timeout?" she asks

"No, a spanking." Blythe said.

"What is that?" asked Pepper as she has never gotten one before

"I put you over my lap and smack your rear end with my hand or something else till I think you've had enough." Blythe explained.

"I don't want that" said Pepper and shielded her bottom

"Well, you're getting one." Blythe said.

"No I'm not" said Pepper shaking her head

"Pepper, cooperate or instead of my hand, I'll use a wooden spoon." Blythe said.

Pepper whimpered but out of fear still covered her bottom

"Last Chance." Blythe said.

"I'm scared Blythe" she whimpered

"Stop whining and you won't have to be." Blythe said.

Pepper whimpered and started moving her paws away from her bottom

Blythe starts spanking Pepper.

Pepper yelped at each smack

soon, Pepper's bottom is pink.

Pepper started to sniffle

Blythe starts alternating cheeks.

Pepper started to cry

but Blythe continues.

"Please Blythe" begged Pepper crying

"Almost done. but there's a second part to your punishment after this." Blythe said.

"WHAT?!" gasped Pepper in fear

Blythe just keep turning Pepper's bottom red.

Pepper is bawling and kicking

Soon, Blythe stops.

Pepper is bawling and laying limp over Blythe's lap

Blythe sets Pepper in a corner and watches her

Pepper sniffles and rubs her burning behind

Blythe lets Pepper out but soon and hugs her

Pepper eventually calmed down and the rest of the day went swell
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