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Old 07-31-2012
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Default My Little Pony: A Spanking Tale (By me and Krypto)

It started out as any other day in Equestria.

It was sunny, there were no clouds, the animals were out and about.

And Pony-vills own dress maker was busy with her latest design that was being sold in Canterlot.

She was adding a few blue and red gems to a very lovely white and red dress.

She was incredibly proud of this dress. And she was sure that once the buyer saw it, she'd be ever so happy with it. Then others would flock to her shop, just to get one of her nice dresses.

"My master-peice! It's taken me a whole two months to make this beauty, to make it perfect. But it will all be once its picked up."

just then, Rainbow Dash comes crashing in through a window and into the dress.

As the Rainbow coloured mare crashes into her dress at the high speed, she destorys the dress.

"No!" She screams in horror.

"Rainbow Dash, do you realize what you've done?!" Rarity yells.

RD hovers in the air, fist pumping.

"Yeah! Just created the greatest move ever! The Wonder-Bolts will have to let me join them now!"

She said happly, not knowing what she had really down to anger her friend.

"You also destroyed a dress I was working on for two months!" Rarity snapped.

Rainbow Dash looked down at the destoryed dress as it laid in peices.

Yet she did not seem sorry just yet.

"Wow! I must have been going super fast to shred the dress like that! Oh. Umm. I'm sorry."

"Do you really think "sorry" will make up for this?" Rarity asks angrily.

"What if I help you make a new one?" Rainbow asked.

Rarity was now very cross with her friend.

"Have you not been listening to me!?!? It took two months to make this dress!"

Rainbow Dash now landed and whinced a little as her friend yelled at her.

"And I said I'd help you make a new one, I don't mind if it takes another two months." Rainbow said, a bit defenceive.

"It was suppose to be shipped out in a week from now! I don't have the time or supplies to make another!"

She yelled, stomping her hooves.

Rainbow now understanding her anger.

"I'll do anything to make it up to you, Rarity." Rainbow said, putting her hooves together to beg.

Rarity thought about her offer, and decied Rainbow needed to be taught a very painful lesson

"Anything? Even take a punishment?"

"Punishment?!" Rainbow asks, supprised. "I...I guess, yeah."

Rarity smiles, knowing Rainbow would make good on her words.

"Then I'm going to spank you."

Rainbow sighs. "Fine, how are we doing this?"

Rarity nods and walks over to one of the last remaining manikins.

"You will bend over one of my manikins, stick you bottom out, then I will spank your flank with a brush."

Rainbow looks ashamed as she gets up on top of the nearest manikin.

Rarity uses her magic to gather some ribbons and tie Rainbow's legs and wings down.

"Just a precausion, Rainbow."

Rainbow Dash sighs as she waits for Rarity to start her spanking.

Rarity gets a hairbrush and taps it against Rainbow's flank.

"Are you ready?" Rarity asks.

Rainbow nods her head.

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Rarity pulls the brush back and swings it hard against Rainbow's flank.


Rainbow yells.

Rarity swings the brush against her friend's flank again.

"Rarity come on! I'm sorry!"

Rainbow said as Rarity spanked her.

"Rainbow, you already agreed to this, take your punishment like a big pony." Rarity says.

Rainbow Dash just rolls her eyes.

"Sure thing "Mom"." She says in a cheeky way.

This only earns Rainbow an extra hard slap.

"Ouch! Come on! It was a joke."

"Well, it wasn't funny!" Rarity said.

A few minutes later, Sweetie Belle and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders come in since Sweetie had to come back to the shop.

"Rarity! We're back! You here!"

Rainbow gasps as the three Ponys walk around, looking for Rarity.

"Please stop,"

She says quietly.

"Don't let them see."

Rainbow starts to struggle, trying to get away from the bows.

"they won't tell anypony, Rainbow." Rarity says. "especially not Scootaloo."

"I don't want them to see!"

"Alright, I'll go tell them to leave." Rarity said.

"Thank you."

She sighs, no longer worried.

Rarity goes downstairs and finds the Crusaders.

"girls can you please leave and come back later?"

"why, Rarity?" Sweetie Belle asks.

"I'm a little busy at the moment on a dress and I can have you girls distracting me."

"you should be finished that dress by now." Sweetie says. "what's really going on?"

Rarity gives her a firm stare, then leans closer.

"Finishing touches dear."

"let's just see for ourselves." Scootaloo says as she and Apple Bloom head up the stairs.

Rarity screams at them.

"Girls! You come back down here at once!"

"gotta catch us first." Sweetie Belle says as she runs upstairs with her friends.

Rarity gives chase, not wanting them to see Rainbow Dash wil a red flank pointing at them.

but she is too late and the three fillies are already looking at Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash does not know the three have walked in, and thinks Rarity sent them off.

"Rarity, its about time. Can you finish spanking me already?"

"what?!" Scootaloo asks in shock.

Rainbow begins to blush as the girls stare at her red flank.

"Girls. Are you back there?" She asks shyly.

"yeah, maybe we should leave." Apple Bloom says.

Scootalo started to laugh.

"Hey Rainbow Dash. Nice red flank. Red looks good on."

Rainbow huffed angrly.

"Take a picture. It will last longer."

"Scootaloo. Come on, lets get out of here."

Sweetiebell asked, yet Rarity was already blocking the doorway.

"I'm sorry, but you three will not be going anywhere. As punishment for embarrassing Rainbow dash, you three will be spanked just like her."

Apple Bloom stomps her feet at the mention of a spanking.

(Drat! And Ah was just spanked by both Zacora and Big Mac last night!)

She thought bitterly.

"Come on sis! We're sorry." Sweetiebell begged.

"It's to late for that." Rarity says in a firm tone. "Now, are you three going to wait until I am finished with Rainbow or should I tie you down to a manikin now?"

Sweetie Bell only rolls her eyes as Rarity won't let it go.

"Come on. How were we suppose to know you and Rainbow had some kind of secret liking for spanking?"

Sweetie said, not knowing what was really going on, and making both Rarity and Rainbow Dash blush heavily.

Apple Bloom raised an eye-brow at this.

"Is that it?"

"No. I destroyed Rarity's dress and she is punishing me." Rainbow said, trying to defend herself and Rarity.

arity shook her head, still blushing from her younger sisters comment.

"Yes. Now, each of you find a manikin and get over it."

"But.." Scootaloo begins, upset over this.

"Just do it, Squirt." Rainbow says encouraging her

Apple Bloom sees how Scootaloo is struggling with listening to her idol, yet aruging with Rarity on receiving a spanking, so she walks over to her Pegasus friend and playfully pushes Scootaloo

"She is our Elder Scoot. And if she thinks we should be spanked, then find a manikin, bend over, and let her spank you."

"uhhh!" Scootaloo growls as she goes to one of the manikins.

Yet she does not climb up it yet, but turns and looks back at Rarity.

"A little help? I still can't fly that much."

Rarity smiles and uses her magic to put a stool next to her.

Scoot gets up on the stool and climbs onto the manikin, still grumbing

Rarity then ties her down like she did with Rainbow Dash, making Scootaloo jump a little

"Is that really necessary?"

Scootaloo complained.

"Yes." Rarity said before looking at the other two Crusaders.

"Now, you two get up on a manikin."

The last two took turns using the stool to climb onto the manikins.

"We're ready."

The two of them said.

"First I have to finish with Rainbow." Rarity said. "But so you don't try to run." Rarity binds Apple Bloom and Sweetie Bell to their manikins with ribbon.

Rainbow Dash began to look scared, her flank was already burning, now it was about to start up again.

But she had an idea.

"Actully, I don't mind sharing you Rarity. The kids will be out of here faster if you do."

Rainbow said, not wanting to have her flank be spanked continuously.

She would have to wait for it to end longer, but she'd get a break.

All the of them looked at Rainbow.

"But we don't want to go first." the Crusaders cry.

Rainbow saw how said they were when she looked at the three Fillys as they looked at Rainbow Dash, hoping she wouldn't go through with it.

Rainbow Dash sighed.

"Alright. Continue to spank me."

The Crusaders looked happyly at Rainbow, thanking her.

And so, Rarity walked over to Rainbow and resumed spanking her with the brush.

Rainbow clenches her flank and teeth as her spanking restarted.

And after another minute or so, Rainbow's flank starts to run red.

"Come on! How much longer?"

Rainbow began to cry slightly.

"Five more minutes." Rarity says, landing another whack.

"And if I tell the buyer to wait, can I hold you to your word of helping me make a new dress?"

Rainbow nods her head, tears still falling.

"Its the. OUCH! least I can do."

Rarity smiles, glad Rainbow was actully learning a lesson from all this.

And after five minutes, Rarity finally stops.

Rainbow has been reduced to tears, crying heavily during those five minutes.

Which felt like five hours to her.

"You're done Rainbow."

Rarity said unting her.

And as soon as she was off her hooves shoot towards her flank, rubbing it very fast.

Scootaloo now looks worried.

She didin't to be left alone to be spanked.

If Rainbow Dash stayed it would help her.

"Rainbow Dash, are you going to leave us alone to get spanked by Rarity?" Scootaloo asked.

"I'll leave if you want me to."

Rainbow says Tearfully.

"Please stay." Scoot begged her idol.

Rainbow gets off of the manikin and sits down behind Rarity, wiping her eyes.

"Alright then. I'll stay."

Scootaloo smiles at Rainbow, then she and the other Crusaders move their tails to the side.

"We're ready, Rarity."

Rarity picks the brush up once again, starting with Apple Bloom.

She tapped the brush against her flank, about to warm it.

(Aww. Why do Ah have to go first?) Apple Bloom complainedin her thoughs, raising her flank up for Rarity to spank her.

Rarity swings the brush and it lands hard on Apple Bloom's bottom.

"OOWW!!" The Filly jumps, yelping as the brush smacked her rear, hard.

"You alright Apple Bloom? I didin't think I swung that hard." She asks, worried about her.

"I'm just a little sore, I already got two spankings yesterday." Apple Bloom answered.

Rarity rubs her obviously sore flank.

"I'm sorry about that deer, but I still have to punish you as much as Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell."

Apple Bloom nods her head, saddly.

"Yes ma'am. I understand."

Rarity used her magic to tap her flank, then brought it back up to spank her.

But Sweetie Bell's yell made her come to a halt.

"Wait sis! Can you spank me first, Rarity?" Sweetie Belle asks. "It'll give Apple Bloom's flank some time to get better so it isn't already sore when you spank her."

"And spank me next, save Apple Bloom for last." Scootaloo said bravily.

Both Rainbow Dash and Rarity looked at the two, proud of them for helping her friend.

"As you wish."

Rarity steps over to Sweetie and rest the brush on her flank.

"I'm ready." Sweetie said, closing her eyes tight as she waits for the spanking.

Rarity uses her magic to bring the brush back, then she smacks it against Sweetie's flank.

"OW!" Sweetie yelps.

Rarity smacks her sisters bottom again, making Sweetie Belle start whimpering.

As Sweetie Bell whimpers, Rarity wants to stop this, yet she has to continue spanking her.

They needed to learn they're lesson.

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom watch as they're friend is spanked, feeling sorry for her and her flank.

And a few more swats, and Sweetie's rear is starting to turn pink.

The filly starts crying lightly as he sister spanks her.

But becuse its for Apple Bloom she endures it.

Yet soon, Sweetie's flank is turned red.

Rarity sees this and gives her hard slaps for another minute before finally stopping.

Rarity puts the brush down and begins to rub her sisters flank, hoping to take away some of the sting.

"You alright Sweetie Bell?"

"I'm fine." Sweetie says, shaking the tears off her face.

Rarity unties her and helps the Filly down, then rest her chin on Sweetie Bell's shoulder.

"I'm proud of you Sweetie Bell. You did very well during your spanking. And you took the first one for a friend."

"Thanks, Rarity." Sweetie Bell says.

Sweetie then goes to sit by Rainbow dash, waiting for her two friend's punishment to be over.

"Whenever you're ready, I am, Rarity." Scootaloo says.

Rainbow Dash stood up and walked over to Scootaloo, her flank still red from her punishment.

"Actually. I'll spank Scootaloo."

She says, standing next to her biggest fan.

Scootaloo smiles brightly.

"I'll gladly accept a punishment from you, Rainbow Dash." Scootaloo says, raising her flank.

Rainbow smiles and playfully slaps Scootaloo's flank.

"You almost seem happy to be spanked by me."

Scootaloo blushes a little

"Not the spanking itself but I'm happy that you're doing it."

"I thought you might have been. Thats why I'm doing this."

She smiled, resting her wing on Scoot's flank.

"Ready squirt?"

"Ready." Scootaloo says, happly.

Rainbow starts flapping her wing lightly, giving Scootaloo a few fast strikes, but being sure not to spank her too hard yet.

And as it continues Scootaloo notices Rainbow is holding back alot.

"Rainbow Dash, you can spank me harder, I'm sure I can take it." Scootaloo says.

"Somebodys eager."

Rainbow laughed a little while giving her flank a few pats.

"I'm just going to spank you a little hard, then as the spanking continues, it will get harder. I'm doing this since I'm spanking you so fast."

"Okay," Scootaloo says.

"Anytime your ready to spank me harder, go for it."

Scoot raised her flank up, treating this just like another challange.

Rainbow continues spanking Scootaloo very fast, making sure to make it slightly harder as the spanking continued.

She was actully very proud of Scootaloo for being able to take a spanking from her like this.

Yet Scootaloo began to feel the pain build but does not complain.

Scootaloo feels each strike as it lands, taking it without so much as a grunt, wanting to show Rainbow Dash how tough she was.

"I know you're tough like me, Squirt but it's okay to start crying or yelping." Rainbow said with a giggle.

Scootaloo shakes her head, determined to prove herself.

"No. I'm good. I can barley feeling a thing."

Scootaloo wiggled her flank, showing she could continue.

Rainbow Dash sees this and laughs, then lands a couple of very hard slaps, making Scootaloo yelp from the pain.

Scootaloo lowers her head.

"Alright. It does hurt."

Rainbow Dash rubs her back with her wing before spanking her again, using the same force as the last one's.

A few seconds later, Rainbow adds even more force to her spanking.

A few tears escape Scootaloo's eyes as she softly cries.

"See, not the end of the world." Rainbow says, trying to help the Filly.

Scootaloo laughs for a few moments before Rainbow Dash starts spanking her again.

She still holds in much of it, so Rainbow gives her one last push.

"Even I'll admit that my spanking hurt."

Scootaloo looked back at her idol, smiling as Rainbow revealed that to her.

Then she let it all out, crying hard as she was spanked harder.

"Just a little longer." Rainbow reassures Scoot.

Scoot nodded her head, unable to say a word as she cried.

Soon, Scootaloo's bottom is turned bright red.

"Rainbow Dash, its about time you stopped."

Rarity spoke up.

Rainbow looked down at the Filly, then gave her a few more hard slaps before stopping.

"Are you alright, Squirt?" Rainbow asks.

Scootaloo starts to calm down a little.

Not Enough to stop crying, but enough to anwser her question.

"Y-Yeah. I'm fine."

"Okay, let's get you down." Rainbow says as she starts untieing Scootaloo.

Once Scootaloo is down she runs into Rainbow's chest, hugging her while she crys.

Rainbow is a bit surprised by this, yet rubs her back with her wing.

"Its alright squirt. Its over."

Rarity walks up to Apple Bloom.

"I've been thinking this over, Apple Bloom and I could send you back home for your punishment if you like."

"Very well." Rarity says as she slams the hairbrush into the filly's flank, making her yelp loudly.


Apple Bloom yelps loudly.

"This will be over before you know it, Apple Bloom." Rarity says.


Apple Bloom says jokingly, waiting for the next whack.

Rarity does not disapoint, a keeps it up and soon, Apple Bloom's flank is turning pink.

Apple Bloom starts to cry hard.


"I know, just bear through it." Rarity said.

Apple Bloom grits her teeth as she is punished.

Her friends looking at her saddly.

"It's okay, kids." Rainbow says.

Rainbow wraps her wings around the two other Filly's, trying to comfort them.

They calmed down a little, but looked unsure.

They wanted to run to Apple Bloom and take the spanking for her, but they both knew Apple Bloom would never allow that.

So they let her take the spanking, because its what she would have wanted.

Apple Bloom's flank now starts to turn red.

Apple Bloom starts howling in pain, yet even through it hurts alot she can still take it.

Yet nothing could compare to the whipping she received from Zacora, then the spanking she got from Bigmacintosh later that night.

"Almost done, Apple Bloom, just five more minutes." Rarity says, reasuring her.

Apple Bloom gives no reply, she only nods her head.

Rarity keeps going, turning the young earth pony's flank even redder.

And soon, Apple Bloom finally goes limp from the hard punishment.

Eventually though, Rarity finishes.

And poor Apple Bloom Apple Bloom is crying her eyes out.

Rarity unties her and lets her down, yet unable to stand she lays down on the floor, with Rarity rubbing her flank, and her friends right by her side.

And after finally being able to stand the three left the shop to go off to they're tree house while Rarity and Rainbow Dash started on the dress.

And with Rainbow's help, she finished the dress in only four weeks.

Now, keep in mind, while Rarity was grateful for the Rainbow coloured Mares help in finishing up the dress, that did not stop Rarity from giving Rainbow Dash punishment.

In those four weeks Rainbow would have ended up earning herself eight diffrent spanking sessions, each one being even harder and longer then the last.

From pulling pranks to needing a attitude adjustment, Rarity made sure Rainbow behaved, even after the dress was bought.

If Rainbow got out of line, Rarity was there to give her a spanking, then get her back on track.

But thats another story.
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Ooh, poor Rainbow Dash, having to deal with Rarity for four weeks. She'd be quite sore for a while. Also, nice portrayal of the CMC, their loyalty to each other is rather touching, though one would think they'd know better than to disobey Rarity.
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Poor apple bloom three spanking in two days
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