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roguebfl 11-01-2012 11:50 PM

Pint-Sized Engineer Part 12 Hallowed Racket
DISCLAIMER: The following story is a fictional group of random thought particles from the recesses of my mind. The setting of the series is based off the works of Lurking Dragon's Rejuve Universe in accordance with his writer's guide. This random stream of semi-conscious thought depicts a disciplinary spanking of a rejuvenated children. If this offends your carefully cultured sensibilities, or you have yet to reach the rank of major in what you think is society, then please recycle these electrons to save bandwidth sooner than possible.
—Rogue (whose existence has yet to be disproved)

Hallowed Racket
Wednesday, 31st of October – Thursday 1st of November 2773
Part 12 of Pint-Sized Engineer

A few days before during lunch at school Brian, Eartha, Jackie, Melcome, Rodger and Stephanie had discussed their Halloween plans. Brian and Stephanie having been classmates since first grade were telling the others of their experiences with the tradition here on Shinho.

"After the school's Halloween party," Brain had said, "everyone goes home have a light dinner do any last minute costume repairs before going around their neighborhoods to any house with an outside light on, because dusk should be starting about then and knocks on the door and says 'trickortreat' to say why they were there—as if the costumes were not enough."

Eartha tilted her head slightly ears perked before she asked, "What does this word, 'trikortreat' mean? I never heard it before."

Melcome said with a dismissive wave of his hand, "Don't worry about it, it's just a nonsense word that is only ever used by kids on Halloween."

"Actually Melcome, it's only a nonsense word in Panglish," said Stephanie with a smile as she warmed up with the opportunity to use one of her history specialties to explain. "But in its original pre-diasporian language that it comes from, it is actually a phrase—['trick or treat']—which did have a lot of meaning. It was actually a threat, that the disguised kids would inflict minor vandalism to your property if you didn't buy them off with candy. It's also part of why Halloween costumes are meant to be scary not just cool."

Jackie exclaimed wide-eyed, "And kids really got away with this?"

"Well, this was back in 20th and 21st centuries, around the time they started making it illegal to punish kids—starting with spanking. Which of why the latter half to the 21st Century is often called the Crazy Age. But even though they still tried to limit what kids couldn't do much as they just called them pranks citing both the fact that things like toilet papering and egging homes were non-destructive forms of vandalism just being annoying; plus they cited it was okay because it was a harmless tradition," said Stephanie.

Eartha, still puzzled asked, "Egging a house I can guess what that was. But what is toilet paper? Putting it on a house sounds gross."

Brain, "Well we've been shown what toilet paper is in Cubs. Before sonic bidets became a standard part of the modern toilet, people used rolls of water-degradable paper that they would remove portions from to wipe themselves clean. And because the campgrounds are beyond the city barriers, and given no one has figured out how to shield sonic tech, we will been needed to use it at camp."

Melcome then asked Stephanie, "How come I never heard this vision of Halloween before, I even spent a childhood on Earth itself."

"Duh, Melcome," Stephanie rolled her eyes. "When the Crazy Age was brought to an end, Grown-ups stopped telling kids that part of the story so as not to give them ideas. So that it only really known now to people who study that part of history. But I think it's cool, I mean the only people who really get targeted for such pranks are those they don't like kids in the first place, surly you lot know someone who would be a deserving target?"

Brian and Rodger looked at each then simultaneously said, "Yes we know someone."

Stephanie beamed, "Then you know which neighborhood we should organize as a group to be the target of our trick-or-treating. Brian, do you think our parents will finally think we are big enough this year to go without escort?" Both Brian and Stephanie had rejuved originally to preschool ages, and had been going trick-or-treating together ever since.

Before Brian could answer Rodger sighed, "Even if your parents think so, we have a problem if the plan depends on being unsupervised. Cause if I'm in the group we're going to at least have Gunny with us. And me bowing out of the group will be difficult to explain as the guy that we're thinking about is my neighbor."

Eartha asked, "So? It's the Gunny's job to protect you, not judge what you do he's not going to tattle would he?"

Rodger though about it before he answered, "Oh I supposed it like having a responsible big brother, he would help me hide the small stuff from my Mom, but wouldn't let me get away with real trouble."

Stephanie chipped, "Then this is no problem it just a prank after all."

Rodger hemmed, "I don't know Stephanie—"

Stephanie interrupted before Rodger could finish that though. "Well who says the prank has to be done while we are trick-or-treating? The tradition is only it's earned then. If we all have a sleepover we can sneak out without Gunny in tow afterwards and do it then. We'll sell the sleepover as a way to be able to spend more time trick-or-treating and still make our school-night bedtimes."

Brian shifted in his seat with an uncomfortable memory, "Sneaking out of Rodger's place isn't a bright idea."

Stephanie hummed, then asked "Rodger where do you live?"

Rodger answered, "On the western edge of Willowbrook, where only the lower end of Palm Heights separates us from Copper Grove."

As the others fitted that description into their mental maps of the area Stephanie smiled. Copper Grove was the P-rated neighborhood just to east of the school owned by the Department of Corrections. Palm Heights was the P-rated neighborhood that was on the ridge separated Copper Grove on the north from the commercial area at the southern foot of Mt. Soketto except where it's eastern end the of the ridge tapers down and wraps around the Grove's north-eastern corner. Willowbrook was the K-rated neighborhood ran the eastern side of the Palm Heights and the commercial area. Stephanie beamed, "Perfect, I live just a couple of blocks up the Ridge from you then. We could start at Rodger's place and finish our trick-or-treating at mine. It's easy to sneak out of my place, plus I'm pretty sure I can get Daddy to convince Mommy to let us have the sleepover there."

Eartha said, "Well, if that is settled, let's talk costumes..."


Now the day had come. They got though the school day with minimal scolding for lack of focus. After an early dinner for the youngest students, most of the school were back at school this time in costume for a party. The false wall separating the auditorium and the lunchroom had moved back to combine the rooms and only concealed the stacked tables and benches. The school was hosting a party to burn time till prime trick-or-treating time. Games like Bobbing for apples, and Skeleton ring toss were setup as well as the all important best costume contest.

When Rodger got back to school he headed to the school lobby as planned to meet up with his friends. Brian—who was dressed as a Rattiod, with a toy cutlass on his left hip, and toy blaster on his other, an eye patch with the symbol π on it—along with Stephanie—dressed as the classical green skinned witch, warts and all—and Jackie—dressed in a red and black dress with hoop-skirt and faux-corset along with golden crown and red heart shaped scepter—where already there. Rodger himself was wearing a green shirt under a purple double breasted kent-jacket, white shorts, yellow plimsolls along with a red lined purple cape topped off with a purple fedora and lavender mask.

Rodger reached under his cape and pulled out an purple orb which he rolled towards his friends. When it stopped just short of them it emanated a cloud of purple holographic smoke. It concealed Rodger's approach ...

"I am the terror that brats in the night! I am the fingernail that scrapes the blackboard of your soul! I am DarkWing Brat!" Rodger declared leaving himself standing there striking a pose as the holo-orb turned off.

"If you did that to the blackboard in my hearing it would be 'off with you head'," Jackie stated with a sweep of scepter.

Brian quipped back, "what not off with his shorts so you could a royal pain in his butt?"

Stephaine complained, "but that not how the story goes."

Jackie gave Rodger a shrewd appraising look, "Oh I don't know; the idea has potential."

"I take it Eartha and Melcome are not here yet?" asked Rodger.

He was answered with a jangle of clanks from behind and they all turned to see Eartha approached them dressed like an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who's headdress instead of concealing her feline ears seem to draw attention to them instead. She even used a temporary fur marker to outline each of her eyes in mirrored Eye of Ra patterns. When she finished playing her simple tune on the sistrum she carried she pointed it at the group and pronounced, "Bow and pay homage to Bastet, humans!"

Jackie planted her feet and retorted, "The Queen of Hearts bows to no person!"

With a smug feline grin Eartha counters, "Mortal rulers do so in the presence of their gods so kneel!"

Brian poked Stephanie in the ribs, "I told you, you should never have told her that at one point Humans worships cats. Right to her head, it's bad enough housecats have never forgotten it." at which point Eartha's haughty pose dissolved into giggles which set the rest of them off.

"So just waiting on Melcome before we take this party by storm then?" Roger asked.

"Is that him over there?" Brian asked lifting his eye patch to get a better look at the lupiniod costumed boy exiting the restroom. While the wolf-boy costume was indeed the expected black, but it turned out to have wings, further more after the boy finished adjusting his costume it lit up with glowing green circuitry lines and green and red heterochromia eyes.

"Nah," Jackie waved her scepter dismissively, "that's that four-eyed 2nd grade nerd, Neilty Marville."

"Don't call him that," Rodger scolded, "You never noticed his caduceus neckless he wears at school?"</span>

The school uniform code generally prohibits the wearing of jewelry while in uniform, but it makes exceptions for some religious items as well as two official types of neck chains, one that has both that have data-crystal attached to a medallions, either of the Confederation seal or that of a Caduceus. In the case of the Caduceus it indicates the data-crystal contain important medical information that might be needed in the case of an emergency. In Neilty's case it indicated that his glasses were for medical reasons and that the standard gene therapies were not to be applied due to quality of life issues. It that meant his glasses were exempt from the no jewelery rule, a rare thing now that youth vision issues can be corrected in rejuve without the need for prosthetics like glass.

Jackie looked around nervously to see if any of the chaperons had overheard her, as making fun of medical conditions definitely fell under the bullying prohibitions. So she was the first to spot the other black furred lupiniod costume enter the hall, this one wore a top hat and red shortalls with one of the shoulder straps hanging undone, "Well here's Melcome now," she pointed out to the rest of the group.

Brian grinned at Melcome, "Well you made it on time by the hairs on your chin, we were about to go in without you."

"Huh?" Eartha looked puzzled, "I though Melcome was to young to get human male facial fur."

Melcome patted Eartha on the shoulder, "don't worry Eartha. Brian's humor was like a house of straw; easily blow away if you have to think about it. Not worth the breath to worry about if you missed it."

Stephanie waved for her friends to follow her, "Come on I want to go in and try the Games, and get some candy and perhaps a little plushie doggy too."


With that Rodger and his friends went in and had a good time at the school's party even if they would only admit to killing time for their real fun to begin. Neilty's months of work on his costume paid off when he won the best costume showing a dedication rare for someone so young; even a rejuve. But as dusk approached they were happy to leave with Gunny in the hovercar for Roger's place. Gunny had gotten into the spirit and dressed up as the Jalaxian hero Chief Lazuli. Not only thematically appropriate as the guardian of children, but the warrior outfit would not get in the way if Gunny had to act.

Starting with Rodger's place the began their trick-or-treat that they had carefully planned between Rodger's and Stephanie's homes. The reversed order Brian and Rodger had used to visiting Rodger's neighbours so that Dr. Slonczewski was the last of Roger's immediate neighbours to be visited. All had porch lights on save for Dr. Slonczewski as expected. Gunny was about to usher the group past the Doctor's place when Stephanie point to the light illuminating a small patch of experimental plants in the Doctor's yard, "Look Gunny Cait, that house has a light on. We got to visit there too."

"But that's not a the porch light," Gunny tried to point out.

"It's in the front yard, it counts," she retorted and started up the path. Brian and Rodger gave the Hiroko Birch tree a wide of a berth as they could without leaving the path as group went up and knocked on the front door.

The group chorused in the childish singsong nature of preadolescents, "[Trick or treat]" as they practiced. Carefully pronouncing the archaic phrase as separate words when the Doctor answered the door.

"For crying out loud you whipper snappers, my poach light is clearly off! Gah and everyone single one of you a rejuve to boot. Clear off! You should know better," groused Dr. Slonczewski before slamming the door in their faces.

"Arr me maties, We gave him fair warning to hand over the booty," Brain said waving his cutlass at the door as turned to return to the sidewalk where Gunny was waiting for them shaking his head in disbelief.

"Yep all forms observed," Stephanie nodded sagely. before the group went off on the rest of planned route for the evening.

When they arrived at Lawhead resident heavily laden with their uphill haul. They found the living room already laid out with the sleeping bags and pajamas. For when when their parents had dropped them off at school they had then come here to leave an overnight bag so the kids would have everything they need for the night and school the next day.

Mr. Lawhead welcomed Stephanie's friends to their home before sending them all to settle down in the living room with the instruction, "Okay kids, I know it's Halloween, but it's still a school night, so don't eat too much candy that you can't go to sleep soon. Me and Mrs. Lawhead will give you all some time to wind down and sort out what candies you want to bring with you to school tomorrow and which you want me to drop off at your homes on the way to work tomorrow, but then we want to go straight to sleep."

They waited until Mr and Mrs Lawhead had retired for the night before Stephanie retrieved the hidden stash of toilet paper rolls and eggs and snuck the pajama clad group out of house and back down to Dr. Slonczewski's place.

When they arrived and before they began Rodger reminded them, "Only target the house, if we damage anything in the yard I don't think even Stephanie will be about to spin this as just a prank."

So the started hurling the rolls so that they unfurled like streamers and draped over parts of the Doctor's house and pelted the house with the raw eggs. Luckily the windows were not simple glass so nothing broke under their childish throwing skills. But when the porch light flared to life, Stephanie yelled, "Scatter!" so that when Dr. Slonczewski stepped out the door he didn't see all of the scurrying children scampering off.

When they regrouped up the road and noticed none of them had been caught the fear gave way to elation as the marched back to where they were meant to be. So that they had burnt off their sugar highs and fell right to sleep when the crawled back into their sleeping bags.


Mr. Johnson's 3rd grade class were doing a jump-rope physical education lesson after lunch break the next day in the Junior Quadrangle.

The Junior Quadrangle at Maiuchi Rejuve Elementary was a smooth paved play area painted with various grids for games of Squares or circles for games of Marbles as well as other patterns such as Hopscotch. It was surrounded by the Auditorium and Admin complex on the south side and the Lower Elementary classrooms on the other sides. There was a larger counter part—the Senior Quadrangle—on the south side of the Admin complex for the Upper Elementary classes.

They tried to not pay attention with concern when they spotted Principal Clarke enter the quad from the Admin complex along with the school nurse Susan Wright and a guest. He was caring the 'Board of Education'; a paddle that was 40cm long and 15cm wide and 1.5cm thick! It was more feared than the Grade 3 #4 paddle, for that matter it was more fear than the Grade 6 #4 paddle. Mrs. Wright was caring a stack of clothes, but what really concerned Rodger and his friends was the guest with them; Dr. Slonczewski!

"Excuse me Todd, sorry to interrupt your lesson," began Principal Clarke. "But I need to see Master Herbert and Miss Lawhead."

"Not a problem Robert, we were more burning off candy brought in from last last night than re-learning new skills. Go on then Brian, Stephanie put you ropes back into the box and go see what the Principal wants you for," their teacher replied.

With some forced bravo Stephanie did as instructed and Brian reluctantly followed.

"Dr. Slonczewski are these two students the children you saw last night?" the Principal asked his guest.

"Yeah that's her. Master Herbert and I have meet before so I was already certain it was him," the Doctor confirmed.

"In that case, will Masters Murphie and Rawn as well as Misses Asimov and Kitt, please join us over here," said Principal Clarke addressing the class. Rodger and the rest of his friends returned their jump-ropes to the box and went over having expected the summons. "While Dr. Slonczewski could only identify Master Herbert and Miss Lawhead, but I have already talked to their parents and having confirmed you all had a sleepover at the Lawhead's home last night it probable you were the other children that the good doctor could not clearly see last night. Do any of you want to refute being at the Doctor's home last night?"

"Yes we all were at his place last night to try to trick-or-treat the last night, why would we want to refute that?" Melcome answered. Rodger suppressed a cringed at the tactic.

"I'm referring to a second visit, one that happened after you all were thought to be a sleep by Mr and Mrs Lawhead," the Principal clarified to get around that truthful evasion; well used to such childish ploys.

Stephanie's bravo however was undiminished at this confirmation they were caught for she had already figured that and was ready to implement plan B. "But Principal Clarke, why would we want to deny that either while Mom might be a little put out by us not staying in bed, but that's hardly a school matter. All we did was follow the Halloween tradition of pranking a house that was rude to trick-or-treaters; we even used the traditional prank."

"Ah so Miss Lawhead I take it was you who informed your friends of that ancient form of Halloween tradition? Did you also happen to tell rest of the history?" seeing the surprise on Stephanie's face, "Oh didn't you know? Well your history speciality was the Atomic Age and the Beginning of the Crazy Age wasn't it? This part of the story happened during the Restoration at heralded the end of the Crazy Age.

"You see such acts are general classified as Vandalism, which Rejuves should know better than to commit those types of crimes. However children you don't need to worry about a court appearance because there is an obscure section of the law that dates back to the Restoration that specifically deals with Halloween related vandalism. It classifies it when done by minors as Juvenile Mischief do be dealt with a public dose of corporal punishment. For they were sick of children causing harm claiming it was just tradition, but they did not want to spoil the actual Halloween fun for children who have already been successfully take back in hand by the Restoration parenting, so they didn't outlaw the rest of Halloween making it clear trick-or-treating is not criminal trespass either.

"Now of course this Law is pre-Diaspora so predates the Rejuve system of child discipline so doesn't specify jurisdiction for what type of corporeal punishment, just that it is to be a public spectacle as warning to others. But as memory of that Halloween tradition faded the law was never rescinded, so was still in effect when Shinho adopted the Legal Code. After consulting with the relevant authorities including your parents—yes I talked to all of them pending confirmation of your identities once the sleepover was mentioned not just Herbert's and Lawhead's—We decided the school jurisdiction was the one that provide the closet to the law's intent. and Dr. Slonczewski gracious chose not to insist on a full school assembly and will be satisfied that the intent will be fulfilled in fount of the class. Now Todd can I have a private word with you so we can discuss my intent?"

While the principal and their teacher conferred the rest of the class had given up any pretense of continuing the lesson and talked among themselves about what they had figured out about what had happened last night and what was to follow from what they had heard, for Principal Clarke had made no attempt to keep his chat with their classmates private.

When the teacher conference broke up Mrs. Wright went over to benches in by the Admin complex side of the Quad and set down and split the stack of clothing and Principle Clarke went over there and stood slight off to the side paddle still in hand.

Mr. Johnson addressed the class, "Okay class put your ropes in the box and please have a seat on the ground facing the south side; you are going to witness to what happens to naughty children who cause nasty problems for others just to have fun. Miss Lawhead as you provided the idea you can provide the example first and the other Voluntaras in your group can go next, Come here young lady."

When Stephanie reached her teacher he knelt down on one knee and undid and removed her skirt, which didn't surprise Rodger as he had already figure out she and the rest of them were going to get spanked already, when she was made to step out of her knickers, it he was a bit more embarrassed for her—nor did it bode well for his own underwear—but not unexpected. However when Mr. Johnson grab the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head leaving her dressed just in her socks, shoes and ponytail, that did surprise him, and the rest of the kids to boot. While a penny might be given a nude spanking when they weren't already nude when they got in trouble, it was unusual for a Voluntaras to get such a treatment; in public no less.

"Now go over and see Mrs. Wright she will dress you in a punishment dress. As none of you had one of your own being kept with her you will just have to make do with what ever fit she has for you from the spares. Miss Kitt, you're next," said Mr. Johnson before sending the naked Stephanie on with swat and beckoning over Eartha.

While Mr. Johnson stripped Eartha, Mrs. Wright picked up from one of the piles a dress that she estimated would be a rough fit for Stephanie. It looked like their normal uniform navy blue sailor suit, with its red trim, and its white twin pendent mantle, also red trimmed, but as a one piece dress instead of the two piece blouse and skirt it. But the real difference Mrs. Wright demonstrated after dressing Stephanie without a slip; but turning Stephanie to face away from her and lifting the back up and attaching the hem to a snap buttons on the ends of each pendent using provided buttonholes in the hemline. This resulted in a mostly clothed look while leaving Stephanie's bare bottom on clear display.

"Sorry honey but we don't have spare punishment slips to go with the dress, now off with you, Principal Clarke is waiting for you," said Mrs. Wright also sent Stephanie on with a swat before turning to find a dress for the waiting Eartha. Jalaxian typically have problems with one piece clothing, especially ones not tailored for them due to issue with their tail. but with the back buttoned up that wasn't an issue with a punishment dress.

When Stephanie reached the waiting principal he said, "Right now Miss Lawhead I want you to face the wall and take a nice solid wide stance, then keeping your knees straight bend forward and place your hands on your knees. Let's provide your class a proper view of such a naughty bottom," he instructed making sure he was not standing between her and the class. "You are to remain in position until I tell you otherwise, else the previous swat doesn't count. A little wider in your stance please, any modesty issues you might be having I assure you pale in comparison to face-planting into the blacktop."

Rodger watched as Stephanie slowly shuffled her feet into a wider stance while Principal Clarke lined the Board of Education up. Her small 8-year-old bottom making the feared ultimate weapon of elementary school chastisement look even bigger than it was simply being held in the adult hand.

Principal Clarke lifted paddle up, Rodger guessed not as high as he would for a 6th Grader, then brung it back down to connect with a *Whack* that resounded in the now hushed silence of the quad. Stephanie knuckles do white as she held onto her knees for dear life in an effort not yelp out take her comeuppance with some dignitary. But it was to little avail for the next *Whack* arrive on her derri?re in perfect timing for maximum impact, for Principal Clarke sure would have earned his black belt in paddling brats if anyone would ever awarded one. the echo's of her yell had barely left the quad when the 3rd *Whack* it's added toll leaving Stephanie openly weeping before the 4th landed. The 5th had her tittering up on her toes, this did cause Principle Clarke to pause in his rhythm. For all of his warning of the possibility of a face-plant she wasn't a penny and he wanted to avoid causing it to actually happening out here. If they were in his office with his soft carpets he might had considered risking it, but instead held the 6th and final paddle whack back until she had recovered her balance for delivering the mightiest *Whack* yet. He then pointed at the wall she was facing with the Paddle and told the blubbering girl to go on the line.

Going on the line was a traditional jalaxian punishment that before his rejuve Rodger was only vague aware of. But since then Rodger had become most familiar with it as Shinho schools have decided that in the interest of fairness in mixed race classes punishments should include both spankings and being put on the line, as children humans might find spanking the worse punishment, jalaxian cubs find being on the line the worse, so if they all get both there can be no question on who gets punished worse.

What going on the line entails is putting you nose on a line that is decorated on most school walls at the average nose height for a 5 year-old jalaxian cub—the age of P'flar where traditional jalaxian discipline switches kitten spanks to this new pride based punishment—while keeping your knees straight, and holding your tail over your shoulder, for human this last requirement is translated into keeping hands on head. The punishment can be heightened by baring the displayed bottom.

Once he was sure Stephanie was obeying he turned to Eartha and gave her the same instruction on presenting her bottom to the class and paddle, but with the additional requirement of keeping her tail up was part of keeping position; to that end she was allowed to keep only one hand on a knee, as long as the other was holding her tail over her shoulder.

Eartha being a normal jalaxian cub past the age of P'flar presented a bottom that had full fur coverage, so her 6 paddle whacks were more muffled and not quite as bad as a human getting it bare bottom, but the deep thud of the Principal's paddle at least left her sniffling before she was too put on the line.

Rodger looked around to at this point and noticed that it was not just his own class watching but most of the classroom windows—barring his own empty classroom had faces of students who had stopped paying attention to their own lessons and were watching too. By the time he had turned his own attention back to the precursors of his own fate Brian was already in position for Principal Clarke so Rodger didn't get a chance to notice how he was attired before Mr. Johnson sent Jackie, the first of Medicalos, off in just pigtails and Mary Janes with a swat saying, "On you go Miss Asimov. Master Murphie come here."

Rodger had no more time to figure out what was his fate was, it was happening now. He knew the punishment uniform for boys consisted involved shorts with a removable drop seat, so he was prepared for having first his shorts then his underoos removed, but he hadn't expect his shirt to be removed next, 'Are we boys being put into punishment dress too?' he worriedly thought as he was propelled with a with a stinging swat over to the school nurse, With Melcome being the last to be stripped behind him, and Jackie bending over a head of him. But before he could look around for Brian, Mrs. Wright had a new shirt over his head, once in place Rodger thought, 'Jeez, just another shirt, why couldn't I have kept mine, at least mine fit properly.' then Rodger was made to step into some punishment shorts without any underwear first, but his modesty was soon restored before he was spun around so his Mrs. Wright could access his flap. But unlike the drop seat in his Dr. Dentons pajamas this flap didn't open at the top, but Mrs. Wright instead reach down and undid the snaps at his crotch and inner legs and lifted the flap upwards, and demonstrated why he had to change shirts, this one apparently had buttons on the mantle like the punishment dress, and unlike his own. She too sent to him on with stinging smack match the one he got from Mr. Johnson, but with enough time to spare to watch Jackie get her last two paddle whacks, well would've been her last two, if she hadn't popped up and grabbed her buttocks with a howl after number six before she was told she could, Medicalos privilege might allow her to rub, but not brake position.

"Miss Asimov," Principal Clarke intoned, "I warned you that if you broke position the previous swat would not count. That does include the last one, so when you finished hopping about please return to the proper position and we can try again."

Principal Clarke waited tapping the paddle against the side of his leg for Jackie's Brat War Dance—as she hopped from foot to foot rubbing her sore bottom, while her pigtails bobbed from side to side—to die down and resume her position if she had been a Voluntaras instead of a Medicalos he would be counting those taps would have represented penalty swats for the delay not just impatiences. However she did resume her position before she had to be reminded to retake he last swat but the *WHACK* she received was the worse one yet as the Principal gave the penalty stroke more zest coming in low and swinging upward into her sitspots. "Now you can get up Miss Asimov and join your conspirators on the line," he intoned quickly in case she hadn't recovered the willpower to stay in position.

When Jackie had cleared the line of fire, Principal Clarke directed Rodger to take her place, reiterating the positioning instructions. Once in position with his legs solidly spread gripping the back of his knees Rodger realized that while these punishment shorts would cover his boy parts when his stood even with the flap up, but bent over like this with his legs spread, the open trap door concealed nothing from his classmates sitting cross-legged on the blacktop behind him. But with Andy sitting there with a gloating grin, particular while Brian got his whacks and now Rodger, he was determined to take his punishment as well as he could. While Rodger manage to take the 1st *Whack* with a merely a small groan escaping his lips; the pain was intense. The 2nd *Whack* had him full throatily yelping and the 3rd *Whack* openly crying, as taking it well got redefined into maintaining position under the Principal's skilled administration. Which was a real troublesome for Rodger, even as a traditionalist child he was getting used to retasking his military discipline into enduring such trips to Sorebottom City. Although he normally was over a lap that left him free to squirm as long as he didn't try to get off the lap. But while the 6th *Whack* left him blubbering he achieved his objective and held his position until dismissed to the wall.

After Rodger had bent forward to place is nose on the line having to stick his bottom out a bit to pull off the feat. Over his own sniffling and that of his friends already on display he could hear Principal Clarke finish off the last of the six-pack of miscreants by applying the paddle to Melcome Rawn's bared buns. Melcome didn't fair any better then rest of the group. Once Melcome had joined the rest of them on the line Principal Clarke address their backs.

"Now children you are to remain there until the rest of your class has finished their activity period and are ready to return to the classroom. The backs of your punishment clothes are to remain up until one of your own parents lower them. This means that if you get looked after by someone else after school your that caretaker doesn't count and still have to wait. You will get your clothes back when you return your borrowed punishment uniforms laundered to Mrs. Wright, though if your parents wish that doesn't have to be tomorrow if they have further use for them. You will of course have red notes containing these instructions to bring home to your parents, you can get these from Mr. Johnson at the end of the school day.

"Dr. Slonczewski, as the victim are you satisfied that intent of the law has been fulfilled?"

"I am indeed, I thank you for your prompt attention to the matter. I consider the matter closed for my part," agreed the doctor as he left with the Principal and the school Nurse, leaving Mr. Johnson to get the rest back to the jump-rope based coordination exercises.


The activity period ended when afternoon recess began (and the first graders heading home) but Mr. Johnson kept them on the line during it interpreting the Principle's 'as when they returned to the classroom' as the important part of the condition. So they had to endure their disgrace while the rest of the lower elementary classes played behind them. When the class went inside for story time Rodger and his friends had rejoined the class. Rodger had found it weird sitting on the story mat bare bottom, though he, Jackie and Melcome were given cushion to sit on they were still covered by the same rough but easy to clean material as the mat was. But he was soon engrossed in the story as the rest of the class. So from his perspective the last bell came too quickly, and the Red Notes were handed out before the class was dismissed to the pickup points.

There waiting for Rodger was Gunny Cait, who Rodger noted must have brought the hovercar because he wasn't carrying the cycle's helmet.

"So Rodger," the Gunny greeted him coolly; his eyes glancing at the Red Note before they returned to fixing Rodger in the eyes. "I hear you had an eventful time last night."

"Which lead into an even more eventful day," Rodger ruefully confirmed in hope of some avuncular commiseration. "Which is not over yet," he added with a gesture of the Red Note. "To which I should probably get straight home to deal with," Rodger said taking a step to move off to where ever the Gunny had parked the car. Not that he was really in a hurry to face his mom, but more to get his exposed bottom out of sight of the full school that was filing pass to their buses or other transports home.

The Gunny stopped Rodger with a hand on his shoulder, "about that there is something we need to deal with first."

Rodger stopped in his tracks. He knew his family's traditionalism gave Gunny the permission to do what he feared was about to happen, "But you said Red Notes are between me and Mom."

"And I still say that. But what I guess is on that note is about what you and your friends did at your neighbour's last night. What we need to discuss is how you got to your neighbour's; which very much is between you and me."

Rodger let out a crestfallen, "oh."

"Yes, 'Oh' young man. I am in charge of your safety. I left you to have fun at your friend's house last night with the understanding you would be staying inside. Not gallivanting across multiple neighbourhoods with no protection other the company of other kids. Do I need to supervise you constantly... like a... like a preschool Penitatas?" scolded the Gunny standing with his hands on hip looking down at the head-bowed Medicalos as some the other students waiting for their buses started to pay attention to them.

"No Gunny, I just didn't think about it like that," answered Rodger dejectedly.

"No indeed, which also means you didn't think about the danger you also put you're friends in," added the Gunny as he got down on one knee and removed his fur-brush from his grooming supplies pocket inside his jacket before he pulled Rodger over his other knee. Gunny Cait noted the open flap in the punishment uniform that revealed Rodger's bare bottom made a similar bared area of that of a pre-P'flar Jalaxian cub which in away made what he had to do easier for him.

The Gunny started to apply the flat back of his sturdy fur-brush to his charge's seat of learning; starting with some of the tender areas the paddle left untouched being too large to reach. But while the Gunny's fur-brush was small and lightweight, chosen for portable grooming rather than brat taming, it was ideal for reaching the inner thighs and deeper into gluteal cleft. Though that was only until they were as tender as the rest of Rodger's neither cheeks before Cait expanded his target zone to bring a more uniform distribution of Rodger's bottom's early red shade. And Rodger most definitely felt the application of his bodyguard's displeasure. For while the brush was light, it was also sturdy and being wielded by an athletic adult male. While this spanking was happening at school, it felt different to Rodger. He was being spanked someone he was coming to look up to in his developing rejuvenated mindset as someone somewhere between cool elder brother and favored uncle. So his emotions bypassed the normal attempts to maintain decorum for such school spankings and went straight to the well spanked little boy reactions of a family spanking despite location. Rodger was quickly reduced to tears and squirming in dance of the spanked over his bodyguard's knee in full view of the departing student body.

When the Gunny was finished setting Roger's tail-end on fire he set the boy back on his feet. While Rodger rubbed and tried to regain as much dignity as his punishment outfit allowed Cait said in a more consolatory tone, "Well now that's done and over with why don't you turn around and I'll lower that flap for you."

Rodger shook he head and sniffled before saying, "Can't Gunny. If... If anyone one but Mommy does that it counts as I did it, including grown ups."

"Very well, though while I know you normally prefer to ride the hoverbike or your hoverboard I figured the board was out with your Red Note, and you would prefer the padding of your booster seat to the vibration of the bike given your now current state," said Gunny Cait as he lead Rodger to where he had parked the hovercar. Despite all the advances in safety in the 1100 year history of the automobile the automated systems could only handle so much size variations safely that children—kindern or rejuve—under 1.45m (4'9") where still required to sit in booster seats so laying on his stomach across the back seat wasn't an option. But Rodger's booster was probably the next best thing, unlike some Penny options that could be adjust to be uncomfortable to sit in with a fresh spanked bottom. But Red Note in hand his mind was still focused on what he faced at home.


When they reached Rodger's home the Gunny informed Rodger that his mother had said he was to see her in her office. Setting aside his school bag Rodger carried his Red Note to his mother's home office and knocked on the door. He didn't have to wait long at all before he was called in. Melanie Murphie was sitting at her desk she held her hand out for the note such that Rodger would have to stand before her desk to hand it to her.

Melanie opened the note and slipped the data-chip into the reader on her desk. "So the suspicions Principal Clarke called me about turn out to be true then. Young man do you know how lucky you were? If it wasn't for that obscure Halloween only law you and your friends would have been facing criminal mischief vandalism charges, which would have resulted judicial trip to the Spankmaster 3500 and possible a community service requirement; which by the way would have been the end of your involvement in Project:Tutor."

"But Mommy, it was only a prank, we made sure not to damage anything, just things that only required a little cleaning," Rodger pleaded to try to lesson some of the parental disappointment that was so keenly biting.

"And that modicum of sense not to show a total disregard for other people's property is probably why Dr. Slonczewski didn't insisted on a full school assembly for your public paddling. Just to be clear how far he could have pushed your embarrassment, the punishments for this crime was originally aired on the local public assess channels," informed Melanie while it had occurred to her such an event might be made into a political spectacle if it had been made that public or had gone to court. But as it stood the minor privacy laws would prevent the punishment being further publicised. She had decided It would not be fair to Rodger to put those averted worries on his preteen shoulders so would play no part in this scolding.

"Now," she continued, "whether you want to consider the paddling this afternoon being punished while in the care of another, or a school punishment, there's still the traditionalist matter of being in trouble at home to deal with. Do you have anything else besides 'it was just a prank' to add that might impact my parental displeasure in last night's escapades?"

Rodger could not bring his eyes up from studying the floor as he shook his head from side to side to indicated he had nothing further to add, He knew it didn't matter that it wasn't his idea in the first places, he chose to go along with it.

"Okay then, given how far you lot had to back-track to Dr. Slonczewski, I'm pretty sure that that he wasn't a target of opportunity when you and your friends made yourselves a right nuance last night. So I think I will take him up on his earlier offer. You are to go next door and borrow his Swipper™ and bring me back a switch from the Hiroko Birch tree."

"Yes Mommy," Rodger answered dejectedly as he left her office with his tail flap still buttoned up to find Gunny was waiting from him in the hallway.

"I take it you're ready to go next door now?" the Gunny asked Rodger.

"You knew?"

"Yes your mom discussed with me the probable afternoon plans before I left to pick you up. And yes that means I knew what you probably have still to endure when I put you over my knee, your mom factor that in as well," The Gunny explained before indignation could set in.

Rodger sighed and followed the Gunny outside knowing dawdling will only make it worse for him. But no sooner than he past the the gate then Ann the 12-year-old Kindern came out of the Scarborough's yard and called out for him to wait up. Rodger did so with a groan, because if he didn't stop and wait that would mean turning his exposed derri?re to her.

"So Rodger how was your haul last night? I did pretty well, and my parents are even letting me control the stash! Though the price is I got to spend some of my afternoons outside and not on the holo to my friends."

Rodger though of his bag of loot he has last seen at the Lawhead's and wonder what's going to happen with it. Right now he felt he would be lucky if his Mom held on to it and doled it out under tight restrictions, but he manged to politely reply to Ann, "That's good news, and I hope you enjoy your walk but I can't dawdle in my errand." Thinking that she actually planning on heading the other way further into the K-rated neighbourhood rather than towards the town line like he had to go.

"Oh where are you heading still in your school uniform? I'm pretty sure your mom has the same rule as mine about playing in your uniform."

"I'm not playing Mom's sent me to fetch something from Dr. Slonczewski," Rodger replied as he turned slightly to point in the direction, which was his mistake. for Ann grab his shoulders and twisted him so she could see his buttoned up flap properly.

"Hey, Rodger isn't that a Penny punishment uniform, and you bottom is still pink too! Say you we're involved in making a mess of the Doc's place weren't you? You were weren't you!"

Rodger slipped her light hold and spun back around to face Ann, and retorted with the line his mother has mentioned to him on his rejuvenation day, "It's not a penny uniform, any rejuve can be made to wear one!" Before he continued in a more subdued tone, "But yes I'm wearing it cause of the mess at Dr. Slonczewski."

"Well you are naughty little boy," Ann giggled. "I'm just going to have to escort you on your errand to make sure you get there, then perhaps I can watch collect the spanking you were sent for."

"I'm not being sent to be spanked by the Doctor, Ann. He said this afternoon that as far as he was considered the matter is closed. Plus I'm not a penny. If I get in trouble my spankings aren't generally for show for those uninvolved. But I can't stop you from visiting the Doctor, though you need to be on a look out from your own parents about bothering the grumpy old coot."

So Ann follow a couple step behind Rodger so she can watch his toasted buns as they walk over to Dr. Slonczewski's where Rodger found most of the mess they had made still draping the Doctor's home with only one or two of the toilet paper streamers having being removed.

Rodger rang the buzzer and shortly Dr Slonczewski open the door saying, "You're early... Oh it's you Master Murphie. and what to I owe tonight's visit? Oh and Miss Scarborough too most unexpected."

Shoving aside the realisation that he's wasn't the one expected, Rodger answered, "Good afternoon Dr. Slonczewski, My mother sent me to see if you could lend me your Swipper™ so that I could cut a switch from your Hiroko birch tree as it's her turn to Impress on me how poor my behaviour was last night. If you want Sir I could delay returning the Swipper™ 'til after she's finished, that way you can have your opportunity as per tradition. Also I could help clean up the mess I was part of making. I am sorry I didn't think though the implication of last night's prank and I should have known better than to fool myself that tradition was an excuse for bad behaviour. I should have also asked why that part of the tradition was left to the history books."

Ann's eyes widen with schadenfreude as she follows what's happening, as her family was also a Traditionalist family she understood the tradition was to offer an adult offended party a opportunity show their own displeasure at such misbehaviour with their own chance to spank the traditionalist child. and not only was Rodger in for a switching but the earlier spanking wasn't from either his Mother or the Doctor; she might get a chance—despite Rodger attempts to dissuade her—at a double show.

"Oh very well wait here one moment and I'll fetch it, young man," said the Dr. Slonczewski before disappearing into the house. When he returned and handed the Swipper™ to Rodger he added, "Look Master Rodger I meant what I said this afternoon when you were paddled in front of you're classmates, I consider the matter settled between us. I totally understand you still need to face the music with your guardian—as it should be—however while I don't like dealing with children. I find you lot are at best nuances and at worst aggravating pests, I would simply preferred not to have deal with you at all, that includes spanking you when you already been shown why you should behave. However if you wait to return this, in about an hour Miss Lawhead will be coming over to clean up, while her parent's are not traditionalists they feel as the ringleader in this she does need something extra to show the hardships she caused, if you return then perhaps you could help clean. Now Miss Scarborough what can I do for you or are you just tagging along?"

"Just keeping little Roger company, Sir. I'll leave you in peace and leave with him too."

"Fine just stick to the path and remember no playing in my yard."

"Yes sir," both the kids chant back even though it was only directed at the tween kindern.

Dr. Slonczewski steps back and closed the door with a satisfied huff.

"I told you so," Rodger said to Ann as they walk back down the path to the Hiroko Birch so Rodger could complete his task in retrieving a suitable switch.

"Well so you got spanked in school for something that happened out of school, and that doesn't count as inviting people to watch you spanked? I think you might be wrong even if the Doctor didn't want to heat your seat. Anyway I want to see how you make a switch, and I'll take my chances with your mom."

With a sigh he didn't want to push his luck and risk getting into a fight with Ann over this, other than she was bigger than him he was on thin ice as it was, he didn't want to spoil his reprieve form the Doctor with getting another earned spanking for fighting. Though Ann would likely join him over both mother's laps if that did happen, but it wasn't worth it. So he called up his instructor training and explained what he was doing has he selected and cut his switch, if only to head off Ann bugging him while he did it. It did help to defect the dread of the implication of what the 'suitable sting' it was being selected for was getting ever nearer in his future.


But when he got home with Ann at his heals he stopped at the gate and asked the duty officer to call ahead to tell his Mom that she had a visitor that was coming though with him. So his Mother puzzled meet him at the door instead of waiting for him in her office. Melanie had expected Rodger to make the traditional offer to their neighbour without having to be told to, he was basically honest boy even if he was having behavior adjustment issues. So she had guessed that the visitor would be Dr. Slonczewski, but due to her political skills she didn't miss a bit due to the surprise over it turning out to be young Ann instead.

"What can I do for you Ann? If it to ask if Rodger can come out and play, I'm sure you can gather from his attire and switch in hand that he's currently occupied with family matters that preclude coming out to play."

Ann turn on her best innocent kindern demeanor, "No, not that Governor Murphie. I had noticed that Rodger is in trouble. That's actually what I wanted to ask about, I've never seen a switching delivered, I been wondering about it since seeing the results of one when Roger was in trouble two months ago, Rodger was kind enough to show me how one is selected just now, I was wondering if I could see one being applied. I promise I will not get in the way."

Melanie noticed Rodger stand there to side squeezing his eyes tight and crossing his fingers but hid her amusement at his inadvertently comical gesture in her sweet tones, "Sorry honey but no. It might have been a different answer about watching if you were to be the next to go over my lap or similarly involved, but otherwise as I said this is a family matter."

Ann's hands shot protectively to her derri?re, "That okay Governor Murphie, that will not be necessary. I completely understand; private family matter. Um I best get home before Mom starts to worry. 'Bye," she said to excuse herself quickly then fled down the path then off home.

Rodger let out a sigh of relief.

"Silly girl," Melanie said shaking her head with mild disbelief. "I wasn't offering to let her watch in exchange for a spanking; let alone a switching. I was just pointing out the normal way for to see you spanked is if she was in trouble along side you. But they way she's chomping at the bit to get qualified to be a sitter, she's likely she going to get herself in trouble over abuse of authority the first time she's given the power to babysit if she doesn't mature a bit first. Good thing we have Karlara for you huh Rodger? Not that she's a slouch with the bathbrush."

"Yes mommy, I'm happy with Karlara as my sitter too, and I just know Ann would be looking for a reason to put me overlap of she sat me, I just don't need that kinda help to end up there."

"No you don't seem to. And on that topic let's see that switch, though I'm sure it would be acceptable but might as well check here so you can get a replacement quicker in the off chance it needed."

Rodger handed over the implement of his chastisement he had crafted. Melanie examined found it was not so thin it would break before she had finished striping her wayward ward's bottom, not to thick that at his physical age she had to worry about doing more than striping and free of twigs that might bite into his skin. She ushered him from the front stoop and over into her office.

Once they were there Melanie turn once of the visitor's chairs away from the desk and sat herself down and said, "Right we've already gone over why you deserve what you have coming, let's get it over with. Time for you to put yourself over my lap young man."

With his flap was already up and implement already in her hand she had decided against depositing him on her lap herself as she would normally have done. She knew a switch wasn't best used with the naughty child over the lap, however she was after that reduction from the deduced swing, After all he already had pretty much a penny day over this already and was figuring he would probably get his fourth spanking for last night bad choice when he returned the Swipper™. Not that a penny day was out of line here. While actual Penitatas sentences were reserved for felonies, criminal mischief like vandalism for juvenile perpetrators—especially rejuves—can result in a single special punishment day though. In that case it would have been easier on Melanie. She could have simply taken the role of comfort and argue on Rodger's side for leniency. Though this way is way was better, she could deal with the unpleasantness of the role of punisher for the relative private outcome that will blow over by the end of the school year for Rodger rather than linger on the net.

So she lined up the switch with his hatch exposed bottom and began to swish it down with flicks the stung Rodger's already well punished bottom and with her other hand holding Rodger securely on her lap. For now Rodger had no reason to take his punishment stoically. This does of maternal chastisement will not be as formalistic as the Principal's paddling with a set number but will continue until she was sure he had made the extend of her displeasure with his behavior clear, and there was no one he had to show how tough he was too. Plus it would have been hard to do so anyway with his bottom still tender to start with. So Rodger just squirmed and dissolved in tears as he received the stripes he had earned with his ill advised prank. Stripes that he would be still there to sit on at school the next day if he didn't get nano-lotion treatment afterwards. And his mother made sure the were enough of them on his sitspots as well, but possibly thanks to his shorts left his thighs alone.

When she was done making her point with the switch she set it aside. She undid the mantle snaps and fixed the flap in place covering Rodger's sore bottom, before turning him upright and snuggled her bawling boy until he settled down.

"Now that's done and over with, Rodger. I had original planned on you returning the Swipper™ with your flap still up. Then getting you to change into your Dr Dentons with your flap down so that I could wash the borrowed punishment uniform. To leave you guessing 'til bedtime if I was going to use the school's implied suggestion of sending you to school tomorrow wearing it. At bedtime I was going to use nano-lotion and let you know that wasn't my plan. However Ann made me reconsider it. I'll even return the Swipper™ for you in case Ann is lurking. However this change of plan also means you can wait 'til after school for your dose of nano-lotion, as I'm sure you will see in the mirror that you have no stripes showing under you shorts' legs."

"But Mommy I got to return the Swipper™ myself. 'Cause when I offered to help clean up as well as to give Dr. Slonczewski an opportunity to spank me himself. He turned down the opportunity but told me Stephanie was coming over in an hour to clean up and I could come then and help her if I wanted."

"Ah so me returning the Swipper™ isn't spearing you another spanking then? Very well then how about you changing into your play clothes and doing your homework 'til it's time then."

"Mommy I have no assigned homework tonight."

"Well that just means you can work on this week's preassigned Jalaxian vocabulary then doesn't it."

"Yes Mommy," agreed Rodger with a sigh and with a hug he hopped off he lap to comply. When he got to he saw his stash of Halloween loot was on his dresser, the trouble hadn't deprived him of the trust not to make himself sick over it after all.

To be continued...

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